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French-Film and Art Director & Writer

After studying philosophy and law in Paris, I turned to what have always fascinated me: film industry.

I first studied acting in Los Angeles (US) at the William Alderson Acting Studio and worked as an actress for a while. Then, my desire to get behind the camera became  more and more intense. I switched to the other side of the camera and it was a revelation.

Being deeply marked by spirituality, my cinematographic aspirations resides in mysticism,  light & shadow,  faith, and poetry. With a predominant importance for aesthetics. I like to say i'm not shooting people or places, but only their souls.

Due to a major interest in mysticism, I study theology at the Higher Institute of Theology Arts (ISTA) Theologicum (University of Theology and Religious Sciences) ICP - Paris, in addition to my artistic work.

My experience as an actress, and in the human soul, make me particularly comfortable into directing the actors.

Lux by Films : Light through films

Charlotte Aftassi

“Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.”
― Leonardo Da Vinci




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